Fueled By His Grace: Subida Talk, Happy Pig, and More

The past 2 weeks were brutal.

On top of the usual classes and office responsibilities, I had to give time and attention to our 2-day pico-hydro training for IP women held in campus, the EA Research Learning Session for the month, our church community’s Volunteer Weekend, the launch and blessing of Apo Duwaling eco vehicle, a seminar, an urgent report, several meetings, and more.

The climax came on its last couple of days:

* Thursday — when I gave a 1.5-hr talk to an audience of 400 at the Subida Chemical Engineering Summit held at the Finster Auditorium, and
Subida Chemical Engineering Summit

* Friday — when I and my teammates did our business pitch in front of a panel of judges, AdDU administrators and students, in the ADMIT Business Pitching Competition. Participating teams were composed of faculty members from the School of Engineering and Architecture, School of Business and Governance, School of Arts and Sciences, and Grade School. At the end of this event was a nice surprise for our team, as we landed the top spot and were declared as Champions! Whooaaa!

Team Happy Pig at the ADMIT TechnoHub Business Pitching Competition

As I write this, I am still in bed. My legs hurt and my physical energy is low. Yet, my heart is filled with joy and my soul jumps with gladness.

I thank God for the strength and wisdom to carry out what He has assigned me to do, as well as for giving me a very supportive husband who, on top of his equally busy schedule filled with work and ministry activities, always finds time to show his love and support.

It is only by His grace that I am able to do all these things and more. Daghang salamat, Lord.

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