Me in SEA Graduate School Brochure, AdDU Calendar

Last semester,  I and five other faculty members of the AdDU School of Engineering and Architecture were asked to represent the School for the University’s graduate school brochure. We had photo shoots in pairs at different Engineering laboratories. Photos of my partner Engr. Opep Villanueva and I, both hesitant to actually do this at first (mga camera-shy, hahaha!), were taken at the Electronics Engineering Laboratory.

This month, the brochures were released for distribution, and tadah! That’s me in blue at the lower right part of the SEA spread.

SEA graduate school brochure

But wait, there’s more!

Imagine my surprise when hubby Chito and I were just having dinner with family and my sister-in-law Ate Toto suddenly shared that she saw me in the recently released Ateneo de Davao 2018 calendar. Of course, my first mission the very next day was to look for an AdDU calendar! Hahaha! And yes, Opep and I were included in the new University calendar!

Ateneo de Davao 2018 calendar

This truly is a very interesting experience as “model” for the SEA Graduate School brochure and the AdDU calendar. Thank you to iCommP’s sir Igy Castrillo for being very patient with us during the photo shoot. 😛

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