Chemical Engineers in Climate Action: Renewable Energy Solutions

The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers – Davao Chapter invited me to talk about the role of Chemical Engineers in climate action and development of renewable energy solutions for its 4th CPD (Continuing Professional Development) seminar this year.

ChE in Climate Action

The search for and adoption of renewable energy solutions has never been as urgent as it is now. Climate change is one of the most discussed global concerns today and could be the single most critical environmental issue that carries the gravest threat to our world and our people.

Around the world, there have been several adaptation, mitigation and resilience efforts set as a response to the call for climate action. One of the most significant efforts is the promotion, development and adoption of clean renewable energy options. Policies and technologies have now focused on RE solutions, with several countries and major corporations shifting to renewable energy.

Where do we find the Chemical Engineer in this wave of changes and developments? What role does the Chemical Engineer play in the renewable energy progress? This session on Chemical Engineers in Climate Action: Renewable Energy Solutions focused on the answers to 4 important topic questions:

Who? The Chemical Engineer
What? Climate Change and the Current State of the Environment
Why? The Crucial Role of Chemical Engineers in the Global Call for Climate Action
How? Renewable Energy Solutions & Climate Action Initiatives in Chemical Engineering

I value these opportunities to share about the environment and its many issues — for this particular seminar, climate change and climate action. Before leaving, my friend and former classmate Jenny said she was so captured by the discussion that she didn’t mind her phone during the entire session. My former student Kent also tweeted this feedback regarding the seminar. I am thankful for such encouraging responses, and my hope is to reach more people with whom I can share about our shared responsibility to care for our environment.

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