Renewable Energy Solutions Forum For SHS Students

My Environmental Engineering classes, in collaboration with the Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies and the Arrupe Office of Social Formation, hosted a Renewable Energy Solutions Advocacy Forum for Indangan National High School students.

RE Forum participants and organizers

The highlights of the activity included lectures on renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass) and presentations of the RE solutions developed by AdDU’s Team Ignacio and Team Oplan Abag as well as RE facilities in the AdDU campus. The students also organized an on-the-spot poster-making contest focusing on the theme of climate action and renewable energy. The activity was participated by around 120 senior high school students from Indangan National High School.

RE forum

The forum aimed at increasing awareness of local high school students regarding renewable energy and introducing them to RE solutions developed by AdDU teams and RE facilities in the AdDU campus. Another goal was to encourage Engineering students to be more involved in educational campaigns that promote renewable energy.

I am mighty proud of how my students handled this responsibility and also extra happy to receive positive feedback from our partner Arrupe facilitators and from Indangan student participants.

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