Bright Surprise from Modern Optical Zamboanga!

Today was a busy day.

The University Research Council called all Center Heads for a 9 am meeting. It was my first URC meeting as OIC Director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies (CREATE).

After lunch, I went to the office of the School of Engineering and Architecture and had an informal brownout (yes, as in walang kuryente) meeting.

I also had a dinner meeting about a potential project collaboration involving Renewable Energy at Hotel Vicente in Torres.

In between those meetings are mini-meetings, planning upcoming events and following-up deliverables already due. To say the day was busy would be an understatement.

At the end of today’s busy tunnel, however, was a bright light courtesy of LBC Delivery. Woohoo! Once I was home, I immediately opened my LBC package sent by hubby’s brother, kuya Tony Nicolas. He sent me a new pair of eyeglasses! Woooow!

my new eyeglasses from Modern Optical Zamboanga

But wait, there’s more! The new pair he sent has transition lenses! I didn’t notice it immediately, but imagine my grin when I realized they do darken once exposed to UV light. 😀

Thanks, Kuya Tony and Ate Gina, for this fab pair of eyeglasses by Modern Optical Zamboanga!

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