AdMU vs DLSU Game Viewing Party: Friends, Pizza and Free Pizza!

With our newfound interest in UAAP Women’s Volleyball, we made sure we’re at home to watch Game 3 of the AdMU vs DLSU Championship series. We chose to watch at home since:
(1) I still have school work to do,
(2) we prefer to have a live commentator/analyst to explain things, and
(3) we’re not sure we would be able to see the game properly with people standing, screaming and jumping after every single point scored. Hahaha!

Our friends Christian and Jenith joined us at home as we cheered for the Ateneo Lady Eagles! #R3peatTheGloryAteneo #OneBigFight

AdMU vs DLSU Game 3

But well, you know how it ended. :( #AllInLaSalle #BringItHomeDLSU

If Ateneo had won, this would have been our little victory party. Since they didn’t, this became our “we’re so stressed, we need to eat” party. #ExcusesToEatPizza 😛

AdMU vs DLSU Game 3 pizza party

And as if Shakey’s knew we needed a little pick-me-up, they gave us a FREE party-sized Pepperoni Crunch pizza! Oh yes, for free! That was actually because the pizza, chicken and mojos we ordered online came late., but we thought they were just giving us a P200 GC or a small pizza. What actually came was a party-sized pizza — for free! Oh I already wrote that. But yes, it was party-sized and it was FREE!! Thanks, Shakey’s!

pepperoni crunch

Although the Lady Eagles lost, it was still a really fun night. Friends + AdMU vs DLSU Game + pizza, chicken and mojos + free pizza = (as Coach Tai says) happy happy!

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