Trying New Things: Cooking Spaghetti

My family and closest friends know I can’t/don’t cook. I do prepare desserts, like mango float, fruit salad and similar stuff, but everyone insists that doesn’t count. Haha!

My mother is an excellent cook and I love eating the meals she prepares as much as she enjoys preparing them. I was also alright with eating at the office canteen or having takeout food. When I got married, I guess it’s pure luck (or pure genius, bwaahahaha!) that my husband loves to cook, just like my father-in-law did. Chito talks about how his father prepares the best dinuguan, lumpia, adobo, sinaing na isda and more. We’re so meant to be, right? He loves cooking and I love eating. 😛

In the past years, however, I started taking interest in the pots and pans. I started with eggs and everything else fried. Now, I’m taking another step — preparing pasta.

spaghetti 1

First ever spaghetti I cooked — maputla pero masarap (pale but delicious!) 😛

spaghetti 2

Second spaghetti I cooked — with better colors! Hahaha!

I am so happy my husband liked it. He has to. 😛

I’ve read somewhere that when doing things for the first time, you have to do it three times — first to overcome the fear of doing it (although I don’t really ‘fear’ cooking), second to learn how to do it and third to determine if you like doing it. So I guess I’m making spaghetti again sometime this month.

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